Do you drive over the speed limit? That is the question we asked on and on Facebook Wednesday and most of you fessed up and said "Yes." Now, we are not advocating speeding so please do not misinterpret our curiosity for advocating breaking the law.

But we were curious, "How fast can you go before you get pulled over by police for speeding?"


After I spoke to a 20-year police veteran who asked not to be named, the truth is, you can get a ticket for going just 1 mile an hour over the speed limit. However, most officers will allow 5 miles an hour over the speed limit in case there is a discrepancy with your speedometer.

Do you know the fines if you are caught speeding?


1-5 miles per hour $165
6-9 miles per hour $180
10-14 miles per hour $195
15-19 miles per hour $240
20-29 miles per hour $265
30 miles per hour or more over the limit $300
In Arkansas the fines very greatly based on location and seriousness of the fine.

In Arkansas, the ticket fines vary by violation and parts of the state.

I spoke with my insurance agent, State Farm, about the additional costs associated with getting a speeding ticket.

"For the average person who is caught speeding on occasion the change in your insurance rate is minimal. But if you have a bad driving record or the tickets are for serious speeding issues, you can expect an increase of over 40 percent in your rate," said Holly Young.

So, are you the occasional speeder? Or are you just a lead foot? It's always best to slow down and obey the law. And remember to always use your seatbelt.


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