We all seem to be in a hurry these days. Everyone seems to be running late to work, the school you name it we all seem to be running late. But there is one street in Texarkana that folks seem to treat it as their own personal racetrack.

You know the road I am talking about right? Arkansas Blvd from Jefferson to Highway 67 seems to be a spot where people are always speeding. I am not talking about a little fast you know 5 or even 10 miles over the limit. I am talking about 60 or faster on this road. The posted speed limit on this road is 40.

I take this road to work every day and I am completely surprised at how fast people go on this road. In the mornings I understand folks are taking their kids to school, but it seems like some people are racing down this road like their pants are on fire. Pardon the expression but they are flying down this road.

I know you hear this all of the time but slow down. Is it that important that you have to drive the speed limit for the Interstate on this road? Give yourself a little extra time so you can drive this road at the speed limit.


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