Recently I did a story on the Top Ten Rated Restaurants in Texarkana according to Yelp and I wanted to see how they rated Chinese restaurants in Texarkana.

Chinese is a weekly thing for some of us in the office and we have been to all the restaurants on the list. So in the realm of Chinese restaurants we have a few to choose from but the top 5 Chinese Restaurants according to Yelp are as follows. I noticed something unusual in that there is a restaurant listed twice in the top 5 so I had to go to number six to get an accurate list.

This may be a sign that the list is somewhat flawed but hey here we go.

5.Lee's Chinese 3604 North Stateline

4. Lee's Chinese  3317 Mall Drive.

3. Golden Palace 3460 Summerhill Road

2. The One Buffet 5118 Summerhill Road


1. China Inn  4305 Stateline.

What restaurant do we need to add to the list? Do you agree with the list on the top 5? Let us know in the comments.


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