The Midway at the Four States Fair opens at 4PM on Friday, September 16, 2011. My best advice to you is to buy the Fun Pass so you can ride as much as you want for one price. If funds are too tight for that pass then be sure to check out the special daily prices on the Fair Schedule.

Here are my Top 5 most-funnest (that's a Mimi-ism) rides to look forward to this year.

The Tilt-a-Whirl is my most favorite ride of all time. If you get a ride operator that knows what they are doing you can really get the ride of your life. You can also make the ride go faster by leaning into the  turns. I remember one year not so long ago, I made my sister turn green on this ride. I believe that was the last fair ride she has been on since too. Oops.


The Tornado is my second most-funnest ride at the fair. That is pretty funny since I am petrified of real life tornadoes.


The Pirate Ship may look like a kiddie ride but just ask my husband. He turned white as a sheet on his one and only time riding the ship. I think the best place to be is probably in the back seats.


Coming in at number 4 is the Big Slides because they are always a blast and the lines are usually not too long!


The Ferris Wheel is a favorite of most so I will put it in last on my Top 5. I am afraid of heights  so I only made it one time around before I begged to stop the  ride and get my feet back on the ground!