Mexican food is something we all are experts on, right? A recent survey found that the most popular food to cook at home is Mexican. It is that popular, especially in this part of the country.

Yelp listed the top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Texarkana and here is the list in all of its glory.

10. Zapata Grill 217 Walnut St

8. Esperanza's Mexican Kitchen 2605 New Boston Rd

7. Ta Molly's 3310 Saint Michael Dr

6. La Fogata 3401 Genoa Rd

5. Ruvalcaba Tacos y Antojitos 4300 North State Line

4. The Fiesta House 240 East New Boston

3. Amigo Juan 4301 Morris Ln

2. Colima's 3505 Summerhill

1. Tacos Mi Pueblo 2024 New Boston Rd.


Tacos Mi Pueblo Facebook
Tacos Mi Pueblo Facebook


Do you agree with the list? Who needs to move up or move out?

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