An 18 year old teen was told to change by an airline because her shorts were too short.

18-year-old Alix Townsend of Lancashire, England was going on a trip to Mallorca, Spain. Since she was going on a beach trip, she was wearing cutoff jean shorts.

Alix was flying on an airline called Monarch. One of their gate representatives thought her shorts were, quote, "cut extremely high and her rear was partially visable."

They told Alix she had to change, at the gate, in front of everyone, not in the bathroom. She ended up changing into longer shorts from her suitcase while she tried to keep herself covered up.

Alix and her family are thinking about filing a legal complaint against Monarch. But a spokesman from the airline says they never told her she couldn't go to a bathroom to change. Do you think Alix's shorts were too short?