In the proud tradition of regular folks begging celebrities to accompany them to formal events, reports that a 16-year-old Michigan teenager has recorded a video plea asking Bruno Mars to take her to her junior prom.

In the four-minute videoEmily Torres of Port Huron is shown getting upset when her brother teases her about not having a date for her prom on March 23.  Then, while sitting in front of a huge picture of Bruno, she sits down and plays and sings a version of his #1 hit "Locked Out of Heaven," with all the lyrics changed to be about him taking her to prom.

"Hey Bruno, go to prom with me, yeah junior prom with me," sings Emily.  Then, referring to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, she sings, "Ellen you make me feel like/you could actually make/Bruno go with me, yeah go with me."

Emily is convinced that if Ellen hears about her video, she'll be able to pull some strings and arrange her dream date with Bruno.  After her song, Emily says, addressing Ellen, "I have no one to go with! yeah, so I'm kinda like reaching out in desperation...'cause you know, Bruno's really bad with technology. He ain't gonna see this unless you help me out, Ellen."

She adds, "I've been a [fan] of his for over three years and I've never seen him in concert, never had nothin', he's never tweeted me...I'm really hoping that this year I get to see him." reports that if Bruno actually agrees to take Emily to prom, her parents will be willing to extend her curfew.