As all of our listeners know, we do Provide a Pet a Pad every Tuesday where we feature a dog from our local animal shelter. I found a story about a shelter dog that may make you open your eyes to the wonderful animals that are available for adoption.

Every dog that’s in a shelter has his or her own back story. They were abandoned or neglected, but sometimes, the reason why isn't as bad as you would think. Meet Reggie the Black Lab. He was stuck in a shelter by himself but was rescued by a kindhearted man. He received Reggie’s toys and a sealed envelope. The letter inside will bring you to tears.

The letter goes into detail about Reggie and what commands he knows and how he loves tennis balls. But the most touching part of the letter is when the previous owner says in the beginning of the letter. "I can't say I am happy you are reading this, I told the shelter this letter should only be opened by Reggie's new owner".

The most touching part of the letter is when the previous owner tells the new owner that the dogs real name is 'Tank', because that is what I drive. The owners name was Paul Mallory, a solider that was recently killed in Iraq. Paul had posthumously earned a silver star.

The new owner knew of Paul's story, and with that he called Reggie by his real name Tank and now you know the whole story. The next time you go to the shelter to look at dogs, don't judge them by their actions, make sure you look at them with your whole heart and make sure they are given every chance to make your life wonderful.