Cat Returned to Shelter for Stinky Farts
People surrender animals for all sorts of reasons. I recently got a call about a dog and cat getting into a fight so the dog has to go. Other calls I have received range from barking, clawing, won't stay in the fence, there is no fence, he looks at me funny... There are many excuses but this on…
A Dog Named Tank
As all of our listeners know, we do Provide a Pet a Pad every Tuesday where we feature a dog from our local animal shelter. I found a story about a shelter dog that may make you open your eyes to the wonderful animals that are available for adoption.
Children in Need
There are approximately 130 children in Bowie County that do not have homes. There are only 10 foster families in Bowie County which means there are not enough homes in this area for the children so they have to be moved out of town and away from everything that they are familiar with.
You can help o…
Another Dog Rescued, Two Others Still Need Homes
This is my last dog to be rescued in 2011. I run a German Shepherd rescue called Muttley Crew Rescue. You can check out my animals on my website. I've named this guy "Samson."
Bless his heart, he was wondering around on South Stateline in Texarkana. I had several calls, text me…