If you are like I am you are most certainly a dog lover. But what are the most popular dogs in the state of Arkansas for 2022?

People like big dogs, small dogs, even dogs with smushed-up noses, and some dogs that make you go what. But no matter what dog you own they are a family member just like the kids or your spouse.

Did you know that Arkansas is considered the most dog-friendly state in the United States? With 68 percent of all of the hiking trails dog friendly and 360 pet-friendly restaurants, it is easy to see why Arkansas ranks so high.

51.6 percent of Arkansans own at least one dog making Arkansas the third highest state in dog ownership. I personally own two dogs and they are just big babies. Here are Diesel and Haus enjoying a little time on the back patio.

Wes Spicher Townsquare media
Wes Spicher Townsquare media

This year the top 5 dogs for Arkansas are a bit different from the story I did last year. The website puppyspot.com had this to say about how they determined the top 5 dogs in Arkansas.

PuppySpot has reviewed internal data for thousands of puppy sales to determine which dog breeds are the most popular in Arkansas. Here’s what we found:

Here are the top 5 dog breeds in Arkansas for 2022.

5. Siberian Husky

4. Yorkshire Terrier

3. French Bulldog

2. Cavapoo

1. Poodle

So there you have it. A big change from last year's most popular dog breeds. Do you own one of these dogs? Let us know in the comments.

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