Did you know that if you have a dog that barks excessively, you can get a ticket in Arkansas and Texas?

I have a big problem. I have two neighbors that have dogs that bark wee into the night. These barkers don't do it every night but when they do it is usually all night. I have asked some of my neighbors about the offending dogs and most of them don't even hear it.

I guess I must be a light sleeper because it keeps me up on the nights it decides to do its barking. I lay there in the bed and try to go back to sleep, heck my wife is asleep right next to me and does not even hear it most of the time. But on the nights she hears the dog she says it barks most of the night until the early morning.

Here is what I found out about dogs and what the state calls nuisance barking or howling:

Sec. 6-18. - Barking, howling.
It shall be unlawful for any person to keep on his premises, or under his control, any dog which by loud and frequent barking and howling shall disturb the reasonable peace and quiet of any person.


I made a call to the local Animal Care And Adoption Center to see what I can do about the barking. Did you know that dog barking falls under a nuisance noise issue the same that those loud car stereos or any noise issue fall under and it is considered a class c misdemeanor offense? With a fine that can be issued up to $500. And these loud offenses can be called in any time of the day not just at night.

So if you have a neighbor with a barking dog or just a loud stereo, make the effort to talk to them first. But if you need to call in the authorities, they will make sure that the complaint is kept anonymous. That way we can all get some sleep.



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