The weather in Texarkana this past few days has been downright cold. Some of us are OK with it but most hate the cold and winter in general. Here are 5 benefits of the cold weather that may make the sting of this winter weather seem more worthwhile.

5. Cold weather is better for getting a good nights sleep. It is a proven fact that you sleep better when the bedroom is cold. With the winter the sun sets earlier so we tend to go to bed earlier which in turn means more sleep and that is a benefit right?

4. The cold brings us together. When its cold we all want to snuggle up to stay warm. We even spend more time in the house which actually brings us closer together. A recent study showed that we actually talk on the phone more when it is cold out.

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3. You can forget your leftovers in the car. With the temperatures so cold out your car is as cold as most refrigerators, so that leftover lunch will still be ok if it gets left in the car.

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2. You will appreciate the heat of summer. With it being so cold we are all ready for the summer and the warm temperatures. Heck I am ready for just some spring like weather. This bitter cold makes us all appreciate the fact that we have warm sunny days to look forward to this spring and summer.

1. There will be less bugs. With the cold comes fewer bugs. Sure some spiders may be in your house, maybe even a few ants, but flys and mosquitoes are frozen and hopefully will be a little less irritating this spring and summer.