With summer in full swing and the coronavirus still on most of our minds, vacation planning is a little different this year.

I asked you guys what kind of vacation you would like to go on? Would it be up in the mountains or the beach and the answers on Facebook were evenly divided.

Given the choice between the mountains with cabins where we can vacation away from people and practice proper social distancing and the sand, our listeners were split right down the middle between the beach and the mountains. Most of my summer vacations are beach related, from Florida to the coast of Alabam the beach is one of my favorite places to vacation.
But the thought of going somewhere where the weather is cooler is a little tempting. The mountains with the cool crisp air and real snow do seem to be a pretty awesome choice to get a break from the hot and muggy weather we usually have in this part of the country. But besides the cooler weather, the thought of a family vacation that kinda slows things down and lets us unplug is pretty tempting.

If you had the choice to go to the mountains or the beach, which destination would you choose? Let us know in the comments.


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