With all of the snow and ice around and the roads being bad I looked on the internet for some great winter hacks for every driver out there.

Kitty Litter. I know it seems silly but even if you are not a cat owner you need this. You can use this under your tires if you get stuck in ice or snow and if you ever have a big spill in the garage it can soak up all of the nastiness.

Floor mats. Yes your floor mats will do in getting you that extra traction you need in case you are stuck in snow or ice.

Old Gym Socks. I sure wish I saw this yesterday. You can put them over your wipers so they will not have ice or snow on them when you get ready to leave in the morning just take them off and you are good to go.

Vinegar and water. Make a mix of three parts vinegar and one part water. Spray your windshield with it and you will be ice free the next morning.

Zip-Lock Freezer Bags. Use zip-lock bags on your rear view mirrors by slipping them on and zipping them up to keep those side mirrors clear.

Spatula. In a pinch you can use a spatula as an ice scraper.

Where you park. Of course if you can park facing east, that way you can benefit from the sun doing some of the ice and snow removal for you.


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