The temperatures this week have been brutal in terms of how cold it has been as well as all of the snow but are these the coldest temps in Texarkana history?

Texarkana has seen teens and twenties in the past few years. As recent as 2015 we dipped down into the teens. The record low that year according to Climate Spy was thirteen degrees, just as it was in 2010 and 2011.

On Monday it was -1 degrees and all of us at the radio station thought that it was the closest temperature in Texarkana. But we were all wrong. According to Climate Spy, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Texarkana was -2.9 degrees and it was recorded in February of 1951. The second coldest temperature recorded was on December 23 of 1989 it was -1.1.degrees

The sixties saw some pretty cold temps. In 1962 it was 0, in 1963 it was 6 degrees and in 1966 it was 9 degrees. These are actual temps, nothing reflecting wind chill factors. The coldest months in Texarkana history were in January of 1977. The average temp that year was 27.7 degrees.

So to make you feel warmer here is the highest ever recorded temperature in Texarkana. It was 111 degrees in August of 2011. It has been over 105 degrees on five different days in Texarkana. The hottest month ever recorded was in that August of 2011. The average temp that month was 103.4 degrees.

So as we sit here in the 'frozen tundra' and just about over all of this 'snow' business. Remember that Summer will be here before you know it and with the temperature near 100 degrees we will all be wishing for cool temperatures again. Be safe out there and keep those pipes, plants, and pets warm.

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