They're not pulling a rabbit out of the hat, that's for sure. By they I mean the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This is all one big bunny mix up right? Wrong. 

The Ozark, MO-based children's magician Marty Hahne is the one usually dishing out the laughs, but this time it seems he is the butt of one crazy joke. This children's magician has been allegedly harassed by the USDA in the form of a rabbit license requirement. That's right, apparently now if you want to be a magician you better get yourself a bunny license.

In addition to the bunny permit incident a few years back, Hahne has recently received an eight page letter from the USDA stating that he would have to have in place a written disaster plan for his rabbit.

This written disaster plan would detail all the steps to help get his rabbit through a disaster and what he would do after the disaster to make sure the rabbit is properly cared for.

I thought rabbit's feet were supposed to bring good luck. Well dang, this is one unlucky bunny.

So the moral to this story is, when you think you're having a bad day...just remember that you don't have to write up some silly ridiculous plan for your rabbit, dog, cat or you know, your pet rock...

Crazy right? Right. Regardless, Marty will continue to amaze children with his bunny tricks. Want to see one? Just check out the video below!