Pet Adoptions at Petsmart on Saturday
The Texarkana Animal League is hosting a community event to accept applications for adopting or fostering homeless dog and cats on Saturday, August 18 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at PetSmart in Texarkana, Texas.
Coolest Vintage Lunch Boxes [PHOTOS]
What was your favorite lunch box when you were a kid? Many of the favorites are coming back around. They are made of plastic now instead of metal or aluminum.
The photo above is of a collection of old lunch boxes. Do you still have an old lunch box?
Provide a Pet a Pad – Bear Needs Home [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
Bear looks like a mix of shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog. Approximately one year old and 75 to 80 pounds. He will probably get a bit bigger. Very sweet and walks well on a leash. Very smart and a quick learner.
Bear has been at the shelter since May and is really in need of a permanent home.
Recall: Apples at McDonald’s and Burger King
The company that produces and distributes "Ready Pac" sliced and diced apples to McDonald's and Burger King, is recalling the product because equipment at their facility was found to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.
Missa Bay, LLC provided units of fruit, vegetable, and sandwich…
Who is Responsible For Taking The Trash Out? [POLL]
What do you do when the trash piles high enough that it spills over the top of the can? If you are like most people at our office you either push it down so you can cram more stuff in or just pretend not to see it. Whose job is it to take the trash out when it is full?
Worst After School Jobs [SURVEY]
Did your parents make you work after school or maybe you wanted to earn money to put gas in the tank of your gas-guzzling hand-me-down car. Whatever the reason, there are many not so great jobs out there that are easy pickings for school kids because no one else wants to do the grunt work.

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