Low Cost Vaccination Clinic in Texarkana Today
There is a low cost vaccination clinic in Texarkana today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot of  Tractor Supply Company on Stateline.
Low cost vaccinations, heartworm and flea medications, micro-chips, nail trimming and other services will be available at the clinic. There is also a low c…
Spend a Little Time to Save a Lot of Money
What discounts are you overlooking because you are always in a hurry? I'm not talking about coupons that you have to spend hours clipping and organizing. I'm talking about those hassle-free discounts that are handed to you.
3 Things You Should Never Do After a Break Up
Emotions run hot and cold after a break up. One minute you love them and the next minute you want to beat them with a "you wronged me" ugly stick. When you are with your friends it is easier to keep your cool. Here is a list of what not to do for those times when you are alone and …
Monday Morning Blues — Do You Suffer Too? [POLL]
Monday morning blues is the worst! You are tired and don't want to be at work. Maybe you didn't get anything done over the weekend other than play time and now a deadline is looming. Whatever the reason, according to a recent survey, we all dread the Monday morning blues.

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