Would you like to know what your boss really thinks about you? Just look for the signs. Hand motions, eye movement or the tone of their voice can tell a lot about what they are thinking but not saying. Marc Salem is a mentalist who suggests that the subconscious always rats out the conscious. When you are able to understand how the brain and body react, you can decode the nonverbal messages people give out. Here are a few tools according to Mr. Salem:

Mismatched gestures -- If your boss's hand motions do not match what is coming out of his mouth, he could be trying to cover up something. If he says you are doing a good job but he points at you after he says it, that is trouble.

Tone shifts -- Most people speak steadily. Pitch changes quickly corrected signal truth-stretching. Same goes for voice cracks or changes in rhythm.

Avoidance or overfriendliness -- You pretty well know your boss and that is your baseline to judge from. If he becomes uncharacteristically aloof or buddy-buddy, you can bet that changes are about to happen.

False smiles -- These are easy to spot. An insincere smile vanishes quickly. A legitimate smile fades slowly.

Eye darts -- Separate parts of the brain control real memories and fabrications.