I stumbled across this s video on a tiny house for sale in San Francisco and my jaw litter hit the floor when they said how much they wanted for it.

The little house that is less than 600 square feet and has two bedrooms and a bathroom is going for, get this, $649,000, yes you saw that right,  $649,000 dollars for a house that is a little bit bigger than most 2 car garages.

In the video, they brag about the big yard, which looks tiny to me. The real estate agents expect to get close to a million dollars for this house. to put this in perspective, here is what $649,00 will get you in Texarkana.


On Zillow, this is what I found. A 3 bedroom 4 bath with over 4,000 square feet of space for $650,000. This house is in a wonderful neighborhood in Pleasant Grove is on a 4.63-acre piece of land. The house has wonderful views and a game room and it even has a guest house or a man-cave.

This is just another reason why I will always live in a small town. The very thought of living in a tiny close to a million-dollar house is just crazy. What do you think of the million-dollar tiny house in San Fransisco California?




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