If you are a burger fan like I am, a recent study may have you a little disturbed.

The website The Daily Mirror says that about 13 percent of Americans say they're vegetarians. As for the rest of us, including me, are literally eating meat by the ton.

If you live to 80 and eat meat the whole time, you'll eat around 7,500 animals total. Here's how that breaks down .

We will eat:

  • 4,500 fish
  • 2,400 chickens
  • 80 turkeys
  • 30 lambs
  • 27 pigs
  • 11 cows
  • 400 or more rabbits, ducks, geese, and other random sea animals.

The 11 cows doesn't sound like a lot, but cows produce a lot of meat. For example, one cow has enough meat to produce about 2,000 quarter-pound hamburgers.

It may make you think twice before ordering that steak dinner. Or, it make you think about becoming a vegetarian. No, I like my burgers too much. Well, maybe I need more chicken.