Our question this past Wednesday asked who had the best burger in Texarkana, and the responses were very interesting.

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As you can see in just some of the comments the Dugout on 82 in Texarkana, Arkansas was the overwhelming favorite. There were a couple of surprises in the list as well. Zapatas made the list with their Mesquite grilled burger and even the new Mexican restaurant in Wake Village made the list.

Some of our all time favorites made the list like 30 Burger in Nash, and of course TLC Burger Downtown, and The Road Runner gas station burgers made the list. Silver Star Saloon made the list with their burger as well.

With the Dugout as the number one vote getter I made a trip there yesterday to try out one of thier famous burgers. The Heater caught my eye and was my choice for lunch. The heater comes with a single patty, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, and of course jalapenos.

After a short wait for my burger it arrived with a massive bag of hand cut french fries and a very delicious burger. It definitely lived up to its name with just enough heat to get that kick that I love.

If you are looking for a burger any of these on the list would be a great choice. But I have to ask, is there any place that we missed? Comment and add your favorite for us to try.

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