Our question this past Wednesday on 'National Cheeseburger Day' asked who had the best burger in Texarkana, and the responses were very interesting.

As you can see in just some of the comments 30 Burger in Texarkana was the overwhelming favorite. There were a couple of surprises on the list as well. 237 Grocery in Genoa made the list as well as the Burger Joint in New Boston even the new Flying Burger in Texarkana.

Some of our all-time favorites made the list like The Dugout, Julie's Deli, Reggie's and of course TLC Burger Downtown and The Road Runner gas station burgers made the list. Silver Star Saloon made the list with their burger as well.

30 Burger uses 1/3 pound Angus patties and has some great choices for you. From the good old fashioned cheeseburger to the exotic Aporalipse you can't go wrong with a burger from Texarkana favorite 30 Burger.

If you are looking for a burger any of these on the list would be a great choice. But I have to ask, is there any place that we missed? Comment and add your favorite for us to try.

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