Who in Texarkana has the best queso? Last week I did a story of the most popular food in each state and the winner for Arkansas was queso. I knew this would be the winner for Texas, but Arkansas loves it queso. Every Mexican restaurant has it and we all have a favorite, like the skillet queso at Chili's or the gooey goodness at Zapata's.

I asked on Facebook and here are your favorites.


So here are the top 5 places to get queso in Texarkana.
5. On The Border No big surprise here only that it is in 5th place always good food and a good time.
4. Us Piza Company. The new guy on the block and a pizza place no less.
3. El Chico. A local favorite and always good.
2. Zapatas. The queso is one who has a love or hate relationship with and most of you love it.
1. Amigo Juan. This was our number one vote getter. I have had their queso, and its good, but their salsa is awesome.

Who do we need to ad to the list?

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