Most of us drive to work every day and like me wonder how in the world did these people learn to drive? Well the website  Safewise did a story on the worst states for driving in bad weather and guess which state came in first?

Safewise says that Arkansas is the worst state to be driving in during rainy weather. Your chance of being in an accident that is rain related are 1.65 per 100,000 which puts Arkansas at the top of the list. Mississippi, Kentucky, Alaska, and Oregon are in the top 5.

In the state of Arkansas there were 49 crashes in the rain in 2016, North Carolina leads with 112 in 2016 but with the per capita numbers Arkansas is still more dangerous because of the likely hood you will be in a rain related incident. When it comes to snow we can all breath a sigh of relief with states like Wyoming, Vermont Montana and Idaho taking the top spots.

What can you do to make it safer for you on your travels in bad weather?  The simple things like making sure your car is in proper operating condition is the number one thing, not following too close, making sure you allow plenty of room between cars are on the list as well. Did you know that it is a law in Arkansas to have you lights on when you are driving in the rain? Here is the story I did on that little know law.

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