Anyone who is a longtime resident of Texarkana has the answer to this question, it was Bryce's Cafeteria, but unfortunately, they are now closed. After some research, I found out the 5 oldest restaurants in Texarkana. If you know of any we need to add to the list let us know.

1. Fat Jack's 1985. This 'dive bar' has some pretty great food and live music to boot. They serve lunch and dinner.

2. TLC Burgers 1982. A staple of downtown Texarkana. They have been serving great burgers and their 'Red River Sand' since the early 80's.

3.Sue And Carol's. The restaurant has moved once but the Stateline location is always crowded on Fridays.

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4. Cattleman's' Steak House 1968 This restaurant has been in business since Stateline Ave. was a two-lane dirt road. The Prime rib is the best in town.

5. Shorty's 1957 This is Texarkana's oldest place serving breakfast and lunch since the 50's.

Did we forget one? Let us know in the comments.

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