The site Yelp has put together a list of the top Texarkana restaurants and after seeing the list, I want to know how many of these restaurants on the list have you had the chance of visiting? I did a post of iconic restaurants in Texas and Arkansas but this review is more for Texarkana and has some pretty interesting results.

10. Longhorn Steakhouse 3912 St. Michael Drive

9. The Dixie Diner 4115 Kings Highway

8. Park Place 2905 Arkansas Blvd.

7. Tamolly's Mexican Kitchen 3310 St. Michael Drive

6. Waffle House 5117 Summerhill Road

5. Hopkins Icehouse 301 Wood Street

4. Naaman's Championship BBQ 5309 Stateline

3. 30 Burger 4719 Texas Blvd.

2.Ironwood Grill 4312 Galleria Oakes

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