There are certain words that people from Texarkana say and you just know them, no explanation is necessary like these.

1. Photographers Island- What Texarkana is famous for, being a twin city means you probably live an work and shop and eat in one of the twin cities. This Island downtown Texarkana lets you take a picture while actually straddling the state line.

2. Fat Jack's- A Texarkana institution. It has been around since the 80's and is the perfect definition of a dive bar. The live music is great and the food is awesome. You must try the Crawfish Bread or their steak.

3. Sparks In The Park- This annual event is what brings the town together. A free fireworks show live entertainment and plenty for the kids to do.

4.The Loop-The loop around Texarkana has changed a lot in the past 6 years but you may know it by 549, loop 59, or us old folks know it as loop151. The loop has made getting around the southern part of town so much easier and it makes the trip to Shreveport so much better.

5.Perot- The name brings up so many different things to different people. From the Perot theatre downtown to the Perot bridge across Interstate 30 his name is attached to so many other things in town, the name is about more than the person.


Did we leave any off of the list? Comment and let us know.


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