Here is an update to the story about the litter of puppies that was found after momma and babies were separated for five days.

Momma, babies and daddy are doing well. Daddy "Pierre" has now been neutered. Momma "Selma" will be spayed once the puppies are weaned. The puppies are getting a little bigger. They were about a pound and a half when they were picked up.

I have never ran across a family of dogs like this one. They refused to be separated so they are all living together in one enclosure. They were all sharing one dog house for a while too. The incredible part about the daddy is that he let the puppies nurse on him when the momma dog was away. Obviously the puppies did not get any nourishment but they did get a lot of comfort.

Momma and daddy are very good dog-friends. The puppies are very well behaved. What a neat family.

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Here is the original story:

Selma, pups, Dr. Stacey Hendershott & Mimi
Photo by Natalie Leach

PUPPIES FOUND! I can't believe it worked! I picked a stray momma dog up on Saturday. She was hanging out looking for food at Hot Tails Crawfish located on Hwy 71 at DuJack's Liquor Store--five miles out of town with no homes in sight. She was destined to be ran over if I left here there. She kept weaving between the cars, looking as if she was lost. She was painfully skinny.

I took her to the vet on Tuesday hoping she was still pregnant. She wasn't. She ALREADY had puppies and they were out there somewhere. On the advice of Dr. Stacey Swain Hendershott I took the momma dog back to where I found her and let her lead me to the puppies.

Selma Puppy Search - This is where we went in the woods
Mimi Campbell-McDaniel/Townsquare Media

I crawled through the thicket with her leading me on a six foot leash. Literally on my hands and knees crawling in the dirt, mud and briars. It was pretty scary. Snakes were probably my biggest worry. I got hung up in thorny trees and bushes several times. My hair got tangled up in the bushes, as you can tell by some of the photos.

Selma Hunting For Her Puppies
Mimi Campbell-McDaniel/Townsquare Media

We went through two barbed-wire fences, the dog made it through much easier than I did. We crossed a creek, climbed over railroad tracks, trekked through a cow pasture, dropped and rolled under a gate and finally made it to a road that led to a farm house with two roosters in the yard. There was also a dog in the yard. I made it through the snake land only to worry about being bit by a dog or attacked by a rooster.

A two year old boy answered the door. His mom came out after about three or four minutes and she led me where the puppies were--on the front porch. Sweet as can be five little babies. They were so happy to see their momma. The puppies are approximately four weeks old. There are four girls and one boy. I walked back to my truck via the road and I was a mile and a half from where I started!

Selma Baby Daddy - Now Named Pierre
Mimi Campbell-McDaniel/Townsquare Media

The dog I had seen in the yard turns out to be the babies' daddy. I now have momma, five adorable babies and daddy too. I have already spent $185 on momma vetting. The puppies are being checked out and daddy will be neutered tomorrow. If you would like to donate to the care and vetting of this family of dogs please let me know by emailing me at or visit my website: Muttley Crew Rescue.

I run Muttley Crew Rescue which is actually a dog rescue for German shepherds. All of these dogs will be spayed and neutered prior to be adopted to new homes. We are trying to get the entire family to another rescue in Connecticut if enough funds can be raised.

Muttley Crew Rescue July 2012 Sophie Ranger Mimi Max