The Texarkana Museum Systems will have a 'Mad Hatter Tea Party' on Saturday at the historic P.J. Ahern home.

This Saturday there will be a 'Mad Hatter Tea Party; at the P.J. Ahern home. This tea party will feature a hot contest for the attendees. You can make your own hat or decorate a store-bought one. When it comes to decorating your hat, the more outrageous the better. The Hysterical Hat contest entrants will have a special hat parade and the winner will be selected by the audience.

The Texarkana Museum systems had this to say about this weekend event:

Tea will be served in the Historic P. J. Ahern Home Museum, located at 403 Laurel Street. Four kinds of teas will be served with a variety of sweet and savory delicacies.

Tickets for this weekend tea party must be purchased in advance and the deadline for purchase is today. Call Jamie at 903-793-4831 for more information or .go to the website

The historic PJ Ahern home was designed by the original owners in the early 1900's. The two-story home features four bedrooms, four baths, a butler pantry, a music room, and a screened-in porch that was added in 1918 for the kids to sleep in.

The PJ Ahern was purchased in 2011 by the Texarkana Museum Systems and is now a historic site. The PJ Ahern home is located at 403 Laurel Street in Texarkana, Arkansas.

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