Take the quiz to find out what breed of dog you are. This is a fun thing for my dog loving friends to do. You may be surprised to find out that you are a Chihuahua like me. 

Here I am, this German Shepherd loving person that even has a rescue for this big dog breed and my quiz results say I am a Chihuahua. What???

Viral Fancy
Viral Fancy

I'm down with the loyal and protective part and yes, I can get a little aggressive but that stuff about sweet and affectionate almost made me choke.

I decided to take the quiz again and got a little help from a friend:

I took the quiz again and the result was a pitbull. I think the first result is the best for me. People at my last job used to describe me as a chihuahua because once I got on a project, I wouldn't let up until it was done.

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