We all have an actual age then there is the age that we actually function at. Find out what age that is for you. Here are 10 easy questions about yourself. At the end, it determines how old you act. Have fun with it!

The quiz only took me about two minutes and it was easy as well as fun. They asked questions about how you act at parties, stuff about different social media and it was all multiple choice so you don’t have to think much to pick an answer.

I’m not going to tell you exactly how old I am but I will say that I was born before 1975. Here is the age I act based on my quiz responses:

This age is pretty funny because Wes just did a different quiz not long ago and had me take the quiz too. His showed that he acts his age, mine said I was 27 or 29. Ha!

Now go take your own quiz and have some fun!