What is the perfect age to get married? We asked that very question last Wednesday and there were plenty of neat answers.


As you can see the answers vary from teens to in your early 30's.
Do you know what the national average for getting married is? For men, the average age is 29 and for women, it is 27. The average age in 1960 was 20 for women and 22 for men.

According to an article in the Atlantic, the average age of a couple being married is in correlation to their education, college-educated women tend to marry later and it is financially beneficial. Women who marry later tend to earn more. When it comes to the gentleman, the earlier they marry to more they tend to make in their 30's regardless of their education. Guys that marry late do not have the same benefit.

My first marriage was at the tender age of 27 and it did not end well. My second marriage was much later when I was 36. I feel like I was actually more mature at this age and the desire of a family and the importance of family were the main reasons for getting married. I will always be the old dad since my kids were born when I was 38 and 42 but I feel like it was the best thing for me and my family.

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