I am curious what your favorite Thanksgiving memory may be. 

My favorite memory is a recent one that really shows me what family is all about. My father passed away in April of 2013 and my mother was a little lost after his passing.

Frist is a little history of my family Thanksgiving tradition. When I was growing up everyone from my father's side of the family came together to my grandma's house in Oklahoma for the annual feast and of course some football out in the yard. My mom is from Japan and her family is halfway around the globe. So they could not come to see us.

My dad came from a big family, with seven sisters there were plenty of cousins, aunts, and uncles to fill up that small two bedroom house. My sister and I were some of the youngest of the cousins so the family tradition changed a lot in our late teens. With our cousins having their own families.

When I got married, family Thanksgivings with my new in-laws brought back memories of my childhood with those big family dinners and time around the Tv watching football. It also meant having two Thanksgiving dinners one with my new in-laws and one with my parents.

The first Thanksgiving after my dad died, my in-laws made sure to invite my mom to their Thanksgiving. It was so nice of them but also showed me how important it was to them to make sure my mom was included. They even made sure my sister and her husband were included.

With all of my immediate family there in 'Granny Sue's' house it brought all of those memories of being in my grandma's house in Oklahoma come back to me, and from the reaction of my mom, it did the same to her as well.

The huge feeling of family and the way all of my in-laws, from all of the cousin's aunts and uncles, all of them, made my family feel welcomed, really touched me and reminds me every day that family is the most important thing.

What is you favorite Thanksgiving memory?


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