Take a Quick Quiz to See How Old You Act
We all have an actual age then there is the age that we actually function at. Find out what age that is for you. Here are 10 easy questions about yourself. At the end, it determines how old you act. Have fun with it!
What would you do if all of the sudden the baby is crying, your phone is ringing and someone comes to the door. What if the water is running in the tub and the dryer just finished? Situations that call for split-second decisions can reveal what you consider the top priorities in your life.
Pop Quiz: Are You The Office Gossip?
Take this short and fun quiz with your friends to see where you rate on the scale of gossip. We rated ourselves on the Morning Show and all three of us (Wes, JW and me) came in on the same result, we are well-balanced at least as far as gossiping goes. Score yourself then let us know whether you are…
How Upbeat Are You? Take the Quiz and Find Out
Is the glass half full or half empty? Do you always think the worst when the boss calls you into his office or do you think it is time for a raise? Find out where you rate on the scale of upbeat to gloomy by taking this fun quiz.