Is the glass half full or half empty? Do you always think the worst when the boss calls you into his office or do you think it is time for a raise? Find out where you rate on the scale of upbeat to gloomy by taking this fun quiz.

Your home is burglarized, and you:

a. Use the insurance check to take a trip.

b. Change the locks and try to be more aware.

c. Install an alarm and take self defense classes.

Your closest pal most resembles the dwarf:

a. Happy

b. Grumpy

c. Dopey

You watch your diet and exercise:

a. Religiously.

b. Most of the time.

c. Rarely.

Your mom most resembles:

a. Marion on the TV show Happy Days.

b. Lois on the TV show Malcolm in The Middle.

c. Faye Dunaway's character in the film Mommie Dearest.

When you were younger, you hoped to have a career:

a. In a field that used your imagination and creativity.

b. Guaranteed to make you lots of money.

c. That would make you famous.

Analysis Scoring: 1 point for a's, 2 points for b's and 3 points for c's.

5 to 7 points - You're an energetic, upbeat person who lives a healthy lifestyle. Just be careful that you don't ignore obvious warning signs indicating life is about to get a bit bumpy.

8 to 11 points - You manage to keep your equilibrium in most any situation, setting goals that are both reachable and practical. Your mellow soul is an inspiration to others.

12 to 15 points - A dark cloud seems to follow you around. Break your gloomy cycle by surrounding yourself with positive friends, eating more fruits and vegetables and getting active.

I scored a 6 so I guess I am an upbeat person although I'm not so sure about the healthy part. I got this fun quiz from Sun. Be sure to post your score on our Facebook page!