There are some changes in Arkansas law that you need to know to make you safer and one in particular may cost you a lot of money.

Little Rock Tv Station  goes into detail some laws that are going into effect and some changes you need to know. Act 706 is the one that has our attention.

Act 1071 Allows employees with concealed carry permits carry guns to work in their automobiles.  This change allows any person to carry and transport their gun in their automobile any place that privet vehicle is permitted.

Act 849 Illegal to have open containers of alcohol in the car.  It is illegal to have an open container of alcohol that is readily available to the driver or passenger. You can have an open container outside the passenger area.

Act 706. First offense for texting while driving increases from a warning to $250. This law known as Paul's law will increase the first offense from a warning to a $250 fine. Each additional violation comes with a fine up to $500.

If a person pleads guilty to texting while driving during an accident or collision the fine will be doubled.

Act 1097. The maximum speed limit in the state goes up to 75 MPH. The speed on rural roads will go up to 65 MPH. This change is speed limit is not mandatory and each city will enact it on a case by case basis.

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