During the summer we all love to head to the lakes in Arkansas to cool off, but did you know that there is a lake in Arkansas that has been named the best lake to skinny dip in the state? And more importantly is it legal to skinny dip in Arkansas?


The website MyDatingAdvisor.com listed this lake as the best in the whole state to bare it all in the water. There was a total of 14 other lakes and rivers in Arkansas that made the big list of the 801 Skinny Dipping Spots in the USA.


Some of the lakes and rivers making the list are Lake Hamilton, Lake DeGray and Lake Catherine.

But what lake came in as the Best Spot For Skinny Dipping in Arkansas?

Lake Ouachita

Photo by Oliver Graham on Unsplash
Photo by Oliver Graham on Unsplash

The website stated;

Located in the Ouachita National Forest, Lake Ouachita is a pristine mountain lake and one of Arkansas’s most popular skinny dipping spots—plenty of coves and secluded rocky beaches to find privacy while you dip.


But Is It Legal To Skinny Dip in Arkansas?


Photo by Jessie McCall on Unsplash
Photo by Jessie McCall on Unsplash

Alright so now we know where but is it legal to skinny dip is Arkansas? According to the Arkansas Law Section 5-68-204 it says...

It is unlawful for any:

  1. (1) Person, club, camp, corporation, partnership, association, or organization to advocate, demonstrate, or promote nudism; or
  2. (2) Person to rent, lease, or otherwise permit his or her land, premises, or buildings to be used for the purpose of advocating, demonstrating, or promoting nudism.
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This makes skinny dipping illegal and is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail and or a $2,500 fine. But here is the real kicker...This also means it is illegal for you to skinny dip in your own backyard pool.

This doesn't mean you can't skinny dip as the site said there are a lot of private coves on Arkansas lakes, and it seems loads of people do skinny dip, just don't get caught!

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