Hundreds of pets are lost every year in Texarkana. Owners panic when they realize that their beloved pet is missing. Many lost animals are picked up by people who have no idea what to do next. If you have lost or found a pet, here is what you should do:

Lost and Found Pets in Texarkana -- How to Reunite Pet and Owner:

  1. Call the Animal Shelter in Texarkana: Call to report the lost or found pet 870-773-6388. Check the animal shelter daily for your lost pet--physically go to the shelter and look for your dog. Do not depend on the shelter staff to search through hundreds of animals looking for a dog or cat that they have never seen. The shelter is located at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, Arkansas. It is open Mon-Fri from 11am-5pm and Sat 11am-2pm.
  2. Call the Texarkana, Texas Animal Control at 903-798-3971: Report your lost pet to the City of Texarkana, Texas Animal Control. There is only one animal shelter in Texarkana but there are separate animal control departments for each side of the state line.
  3. Call the newspaper at 903-794-3311: Run a classified advertisement in the Texarkana Gazette. Found pet ads are free. There is a small fee to run an ad for lost pets. Also check the found ads under "Announcements" and "Pets" to see if someone has found your pet.
  4. Post pics on Facebook: Post photos of lost or found pet on your Facebook page as well as these pages. Also be sure to check the pages for the area rescue groups to see if they have anything posted about finding your pet.
    1. Lost and Found Pets in Texarkana
    2. My baby (dog, cat, horse, etc) is missing please help me find them
    3. Animal Care and Adoption Center
    4. Texarkana Humane Society
    5. Texarkana Animal League
  5. Fliers: Plaster fliers with photos of your lost pet anywhere you can.
  6. Call Boarding & Vet Clinics: Contact the local boarding facilities and vet clinics to see if someone is paying to have your pet stay there rather than take it to the shelter:
    1. Boulevard Kennels: 903-792-2266
    2. Two Shields Dog Training Academy and Boarding: 903-838-3647
    3. Prancing Paws Doggie Daycare: 903-223-8555
    4. Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital: 903-838-6565
    5. Westridge Animal Hospital: 903-838-9572
    6. Wisdom Animal Clinic: 903-793-1193
    7. Rankin Veterinary Clinic: 903-838-5000
    8. Stateline Animal Hospital: 870-774-5683
    9. Richmond Road Animal Hospital: 903-838-3700
    10. Oubre Animal Clinic: 903-832-4559
    11. Arklatex Spay and Neuter Clinic: 903-223-0837
  7. Local Animal Rescues on Facebook:
    1. Passion for Pooches
    2. Little Paws Rescue
    3. Boxer Rescue of Texarkana
    4. Arkltex Cocker Spaniel Rescue
    5. Faithful Friends Dog Rescue
    6. Muttley Crew German Shepherd Rescue
    7. Poodle Patch Rescue
    8. Jeff Tarpley Rescue

Do you have any other suggestions for best ways to find your lost animals or do you have any rescues, vets or boarding clinics you would like to add to this list? Send Mimi C an email.