Keep Your Pets Safe This Weekend
This weekend Spring Lake Park will be the scene of Scout O Rama. This yearly event is a great chance to let your kids see what scouting is all about. This also means fireworks and some cannon shots that your furry friends may not like.
This past weekend my husband brought me to a local feed and seed store to meet someone he knew I'd love -- Trey the Turkey. Yes, a sweet pet turkey that you can actually pet.
Halloween Costumes for Pets
Did you dress your pet up for Halloween this year? I usually do but I spared my pooch this year. He didn't seem to be in the holiday spirit, as you can see in the video below.
Leaving Dogs and Children in Hot Cars Kills
On a day that doesn't seem very hot to you like a 78 degree day, the temperature inside your car can reach 120 degrees within minutes and cracking your windows will not help enough to save your pet or child. What would you do if you saw a dog inside of a car that was not running, the windows we…
Strays and Dogs Given up by Their Owners at the Animal Shelter
All of these dogs are at the shelter in Texarkana hoping their owners come for them soon. Even the dogs that were surrendered by their owners are still hoping they will see a familiar face again. Some dogs just came in and others have been at the shelter for a few weeks. Please share these videos an…

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