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Strays and Unwanted Dogs at the Texarkana, Ark. Animal Shelter
Could one of these dogs be your missing pet? Here are photos and videos of some of the stray dogs and owner surrenders at the animal shelter in Texarkana, Ark as of Monday, February 6, 2017. Many of these dogs were strays that were picked up by animal control officers and not claimed by their o…
Many improvements have been made at our local animal shelter and the good news keeps rolling in as local businesses and individuals step forward to donate their time and materials to get the downstairs building back up and running.
Lost and Found
Have you lost your dog? Here are some of the newest arrivals to the shelter. They are in the stray hold area as of Monday, October 10, 2016.
Pet of the Week is a Lab Mastiff Mix Named Ranger
Ranger's owner surrendered him to the animal shelter but no reason was given. They said that he is a Lab-Mastiff mix and that he is a very sweet natured dog. He tested negative for heartworms which is awesome. He is not a puppy so no worry of things getting chewed up.
Shelter Hold Shutdown
Take a video tour (below) of the shelter to see why Shelter Director Charles Lokey has closed the downstairs building that houses the stray hold dogs. It's because the building is literally falling apart and is inhabitable for the animals of the shelter. This means many animals that have been at the…

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