A free concert will be held Friday night at the Pocket Park downtown and J.P. Edwards will be one of the featured artists.

J.P. Edwards is a singer/songwriter originally from Texarkana, Texas. He has been writing music for most of his life and has recently released his latest single "World Tour" with Artistry Records.

His soulful voice is reminiscent of Mayer, Sheeran, and Mraz, while Edwards' eclectic and unique writing style sets him apart from his influences and contributes something fresh to the music world. His debut EP will release this summer.

At the root of his motivations lies a strong desire to love and help others as much as possible. He believes this world needs more people willing to stand with those who cannot stand on their own and be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Light, love, and hope are three themes he promotes uncompromisingly in his music, his live shows, and his daily life.

"It's about the message and about articulating the things in our hearts and lives that can be said in no other way but the music."