Leadership Texarkana Class of 2022 took on a great big project that is much-needed in downtown Texarkana. It's the beautification of the Amtrak area located at 100 Front Street.  

Beautification Has Begun

A few months ago, Leadership Texarkana entered a national contest to win 25,000 to help with the beautification of this area. Well, we didn't win but that is not stopping the Leadership Texarkana Class of 2022.

Leadership Texarkana
Leadership Texarkana

Local Businesses Are Stepping Up to The Plate

Now, local businesses are coming forward to help this project become a reality. Earlier this month the area was cleaned and preparation work took place by Parkerson Lawn and Landscape.

Leadership Texarkana
Leadership Texarkana


This Sunday, January 23 at 10 AM Red River Softwash will contribute by softwashing the exterior brick and concrete of the Amtrak station. After this weekend's work, Cox Exterior Design and Development will come in and put in new plants and landscaping.

Amtrak Offers Glimpse Into NYC Penn Station Infrastructure Renewal Work
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Still More Work to Come

Next on the list of the beautification project will include new signage to welcome the train passengers to town. Other plans include the installation of an awning. Can you believe people have had to stand out in the rain? There will also be festive lighting installed, a photo op backdrop for visitors and the much-needed freshening up of trash receptacles.

Here's Why the Beautification of Texarkana's Amtrak Area is So Important

A couple of months ago, we spoke on the air with Val De La Garza and  Del Doughty, members of Leadership Texarkana, We talked about the Amtrak station. We talked about how this is the first thing train passengers see when coming to or passing through Texarkana and it needs to look inviting instead of sad and rundown. You can see photos here. 

 In a press release, Leadership Texarkana said it right;

 As downtown Texarkana revitalization progresses, the train station is important in representing both our past and our future as a hub city in the southern United States.

You Can Help Too

There is still more work to do and if you, your business or organization is interested in sponsoring other portions of this project you can!  All donations will be acknowledged through signage onsite. For more information on how to help contact Leadership Texarkana

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Great job Leadership Texarkana Class of 2022!!

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