Sleep is something that we take for granted but is so important, especially when you get a little older. 

As a young teenager my mother shared some wisdom with me that I want to share with you. Don't ever skimp on your bed or your shoes, you spend way too much time with either to suffer if you go cheap.

They industry standard is to replace your mattress every ten years. How old is the bed you are sleeping on? Most folks want a new bed, but make a hasty decision on the purchase or just don;t know exactly what they want in a mattress. Price is usually a big factor but using the information I just posted a $1000 mattress will only cost you 30 cents day, that's not a lot for a good nights sleep.

American Mattress Texarkana Facebook
American Mattress Texarkana Facebook

American Mattress is a new store in town and is locally owned. They only sell mattresses so they know their stuff. They will take the time to find a mattress that fits your needs and your pocket book. I have a new Serta I comfort mattress and it addressed the needs we have, like keeping cool when you sleep and the support that we need. The best part, if the mattress is not the exact fir for your they have a 120 day exchange policy. If you need a bed that is more firm or softer they will exchange it for the one you need.

Americas Mattress is located at 4220 St Michael Dr. right across from Best Buy. Visit them online at and on Facebook or call (903) 650-8130.

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