Can you believe that Power 95-9 is 21 years old today?

A long time ago this station was known as Thunder 95-9, and even before that it was Oldies 96 and even KLLI 'Kelly 96". It has played country music, Oldies, Soft Rock then in 1996  a weird thing happened. We were bought by a larger company, and that company also owned Kicker 102.5.

After a couple of months, the people running Thunder decided it was a good idea to change the format. At the time the boss was a gentleman named Larry Kent. He asked us why would we change the format? We told him that there had not been a top 40 radio station in Texarkana for many years and we showed him the information that we could be successful.

So after a little convincing, he asked us how long would it take for us to get the station ready. We told him it could be done in 30 days. So on February 28th, 1998 Thunder 95-9 played its last country song Garth Brooks 'The Dance'.

The first pop song was Sheryl Crow 'A Change Would Do You Good'.

Thank you for 21 years of great music, and we look forward to many more.

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