If you are a big fan of the Christmas season and the music we have a brand new station for you to check out in Texarkana.

Thanksgiving is next week and I am really looking forward to this holiday season. Things in my family are almost as normal as they can be and the thought of big family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas is something I look forward to every year.

I have noticed a lot of my neighbors are getting a head start on their Christmas decorations. Lights and wreaths are popping up in and around my neighborhood. In the past, I might have been a little mad for them putting the decorations out so early but in our new 'normal' i think it is perfect. We all need a  little holiday cheer.

To help get everyone in the Christmas spirit early we have launched a brand new radio station for you. We want to spread some holiday cheer a little early this year. The station is on the FM dial at 107.5 and on 790 AM as well and is now playing Christmas music 24 hours a day through Christmas day.

Here are just some of the great songs we will be playing this holiday season.

Favorites like Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

How About Some Eagles with "Please Come Home For Christmas"?

How about some silly stuff like the Chipmunks?

How about a Christmas classic from Frank Sinatra?

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