Flashback Friday is a great kickoff to the weekend and it lets us go back in our history of being the number one hit music station in Texarkana since 1998. But what is it and how can you help us pick the music to play?

Here are 5 things you need to know about 'Flashback Friday'.

1. It is every Friday from 9 am until 10:30 Am. We go 90 minutes of commercial-free music from back in the day, which means more time for your requests.

2. You select the music we play. Every Friday we do a Facebook post that you can comment on to get your requests to us or you can message us through our Power 95-9 App.

3. With Halloween on the way Sunday we are going to do it 'spooky style' today We can play songs for you from the following eras. We can do 80' stuff like this.

4. Or crazy 90's songs like these. I know the Cranberries are a stretch but they are singing about Zombies.

5. Or even songs from the 2000s like these songs.

But we can't forget open of the weirdest performances ever. This is Monster Mash By Bobby Picket and the Crypt Keeepers.

So get those requests into us now for 'Flashback Friday'.

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