Today is the official first day of fall. The wet weather and cooler temperatures sure make it feel this way, but with fall means that our clocks go back an hour and it gets darker sooner which is something I am not a big fan of for sure.

There are two senators that want us to stay on daylight saving time through the pandemic and I for one am all in on this measure. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott have introduced legislation to keep us on the current time until November of next year.

They sat since a large portion of the country is working from home and doing school remotely that this would be a good fit to help parents and school students to have additional hours of daylight in the day for more after work an school activities.

I personally would be in favor of getting rid of 'Daylight Saving Time' altogether. It is hard to get anything done after work because of the lack of daylight and that means that those projects get pushed back to the weekend making Saturday and Sunday workdays to get caught up. Staying in this time year-round would be a blessing form me and my family and if they took a vote I bet most people would be in favor of it as well.

The official start of Standard time is November 1.

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