daylight saving time

How Do You Really Feel About The Time Change?
Today is the official first day of fall. The wet weather and cooler temperatures sure make it feel this way, but with fall means that our clocks go back an hour and it gets darker sooner which is something I am not a big fan of for sure.
Daylight Saving Time Change Can Affect Your Health
I hate this time change. It takes weeks to get adjusted. Not only do I have to get my own sleep schedule in line, I have a bunch of animals to get back in sync. What a ridiculous thing to do to people. Let's just change the clock back and forth twice a year.
Time Change Turmoil
Are you a fan of springing forward by one hour every year only to turn back time eight months later? This past weekend we changed time yet again, depriving our bodies of sleep and forcing all of our internal schedules into an alteration that can take weeks to recover from. Did you know there is a movement to stop the madness? Where do I sign up?!