Since the first day of fall was last Wednesday which means that our clocks go back an hour and it gets darker sooner which for most folks is not something they are ready for.

Did you know in Arkansas there is a bill to keep the state on 'Daylight Saving Time permanently? State Representative Johnny Rye proposed in February to keep Arkansas on the current time year-round.

Sonja Langford Unspalsh

He says that many Arkansas enjoy their outdoor time and keeping the Natural state on 'Daylight Saving Time' would allow folks to enjoy a little daylight after work to be able to do some outdoor things in the daylight.


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This proposal has a good side and a bad side to it. First, if it passes it would become a law that Arkansas has to stay on 'Daylight Saving Time' but it will only pass if neighboring states also pass similar laws. I do understand how confusing this would be if in Texarkana one side of Stateline is on 'Daylight Saving Time' and the other side is on 'Standard time'.

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I personally would be in favor of getting rid of 'Standard Time' altogether. It is hard to get anything done after work because of the lack of daylight and that means that those projects get pushed back to the weekend making Saturday and Sunday workdays.  Staying in this time year-round would be a blessing for me and my family and if they took a vote I bet most people would be in favor of it as well.

The official start of Standard time is November 7.

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